Deluxe tinker in wood

Foodie in carbon

Compact in green

Cybertool M openerless in white

Cybercompact in matte blue

Supertinker Mini in Yellow

Swisschamp mini new style in Blue

Swisschamp mini oldschool in Chameliongreen

Foodie in Red

Cybertool mini in Carbon

Superhandyman in Yellow

Newstyle Scientist in Blue

Newstyle Scientist acidwashed in Black

Bladeless Deluxe Tinker in Black

Cybertool in Chameliongreen

Scientist ‘oldschool’ in black

Cybertool M openerless in orange

Unusual custom colored scales on this one! “I never use these openers”, my buddy said after carrying a Victorinox

Supercompact in matte red

Dentist in off white

Engineer ‘oldschool’ in blue

The Engineer is 2 layer Victorinox model that includes the Technician’s Screwdriver tool as well as the magnifying glass

Cybertool XXS bladeless in black

One of the more complete configurations, when used in conjunction with a dedicated blade. It includes the Cybertool (with stan

Craftsman ‘Slim’ in wood

The Victorinox Craftsman is a discontinued 91mm model, with a large tool set in six layers, first introduced around 1973, it h

Bladeless Mountaineer in white

No big blade to be found on this white gem! The Victorinox Mountaineer is a 4-layer 91mm model, and is one of the few models t

Deluxe Climber (+filehook) in black

The Victorinox Deluxe Climber expands the very popular Climber model,  with the addition of the Pliers tool. The customer fur

Yeoman in white

The Victorinox Yeoman is a three-layer 91mm model with a very useful set of tools. It is similar to the Explorer, but providin

Cyber-Yeoman in white

The 91mm Cyber-Yeoman was an exclusive pattern, manufactured by Victorinox in 2011 in small numbers as a special run for the d