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As the observant visitor may have already noticed, a new menu item has been added to the website: the configurator. Now that CustomSAK.com has moved, we are working hard behind the scenes on a custom configurator. This so you can just pick and click your ideal Swiss Army Knife together 🙂

To make this accessible to everyone, a lot of time is spent gathering information and developing an online builder. There are limited resources and limited time available (after all, I also have a full-time job). I’ve mapped 80+ unique layers so far! This opens the doors to a plethora of different possibilities. For your illustration:
1 layer: 30 unique tool combinations
2 layer: 1,620 unique tool combinations
3 layer: 85,860 unique tool combinations
4 layer: 4,378,860 unique tool combinations
5 layer: 218,943,000 unique tool combinations

As you can see the numbers are growing exponentially with thicker knives. This is only counting tool configurations with ‘classic red’ scales. Let alone that the different scales are included: it’ll seem to be an infinitely long list of possibilities!

Currently, all available resources are being consumed for building this configurator. For that reason, the books are closed and we are not accepting new orders at this time. If you would like to be kept informed, you can enter your email address below 🙂

This way, contact is sought as soon as the books are open again, after the configurator is online.

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