Yeoman in white

The Victorinox Yeoman is a three-layer 91mm model with a very useful set of tools. It is similar to the Explorer, but providing the same basic functionality in three not four layers. This model is very popular with collectors.

I prefer to build the yeoman model with a centered phillips. This makes for a more useful screwdriver. The outlines of a closed knife are also better with most protruding layer in the middle. 

Pictured below is my second custom build. If you look closely, you can see my first custom in the background in one of the pictures. Please excuse the poor quality, these were never meant for publication 😉

This example has OEM (unfinished) liners.

Yeoman in white pic | 20180916 2237308800814245179534301 | Custom SAK

Yeoman in white pic 1 | 20180917 1826021886156917489933247 | Custom SAK

Yeoman in white pic 3 | 20180916 223744342588071593435195 | Custom SAK

Yeoman in white pic 5 | 20180916 2238136813436849870945470 | Custom SAK